Company History


Today we trade worldwide, offering goods from European, Asian and Russian markets. Having our own branches and warehouses in Germany, Estonia and Russia, we provide a complex solution for our customers, which is not limited to genuine spare parts supply only, but can also include consolidation services and arranging any mode of transport.

Despite all the breakdowns and crises, we stayed true to our passion and adapted to the dynamically changing world of automotive genuine spare parts. Introducing the EXZAP brand into the global market sets the new level of the company development.

2015: going global

Explored new export destinations like Africa, Middle East and Far East while redirecting the trade and focusing on global market after Russian rouble devaluation in 2014.

2014: establishing a branch in Moscow

Established Moscow branch not only increased sales in Russia, but also allowed to explore and experience advantages of the Russian market, opening export ways to Russian Commonwealth countries.

2012: exploring Russian market

Expansion to Russian market resulted in remarkable sales increase, having 80% of 2 year total turnover made in Russia alone.

2010: beginning export activity

Increased sales in the Baltics, expanding export to Northern Europe and Germany.

2008: IT development

Established and further IT optimized trading of automotive genuine parts on the local Estonian market. Leading automotive workshops become our customers within the next two years.

2006: establishing the company

Establishing the company in Tallinn. The beginning of activity in the field of IT - web design and software development.